Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 17th Informal Working Group Meeting in Lisbon

Sharing from our past participant – Linda Lam

“It is not a chance to fail.”

Thank you for the nomination and sponsorship from the Yidan Prize Foundation. It is our pleasure to take part in the OECD 17th Informal Working Group Meeting in Lisbon. A group of government officials, school partners and students representatives from 18 countries over the world are connected to discuss an ideal education policy framework together. We focused on the responsibility of different parties on three main issues: student agency, values in curriculum and curriculum overload.


Linda, the co-chair of GEILI, raised the issue of curriculum overload during the meeting. She mentioned the experience of hers to illustrate the importance to give students the time and space to reflect what they have learnt from school.



Apart from the meeting, we also had the opportunity to have lunch gathering with the Minister of Education, Portugal and OECD secretariat. We had a great time and learnt a lot from them.


They are the student representatives from different countries. We attended some topic speech and expressed our views on the three topics.


Photo with the CEO of Yidan Prize Foundation

It was a fruitful experience. We hope to involve more students and working youths in the future. Let us create a successful future together.