About Us

Global Exchange In Leadership Initiatives (GEILI) is a global networking platform for any youth organization dedicated to connecting aspiring leaders from all around the world.

GEILI was established by a graduate of the University of Hong Kong and a young social entrepreneur, Mr. Clive Ka-lun LEE after the Oxfam International Youth Partners 2010 in Delhi, India to empower young people and foster global exchange in culture and volunteerism through an alliance of student organizations around the world. In Chinese, “geili (给力)” means empowerment w

hich is also the fundamental value of the organization to empower the youth to create bigger positive changes to the world. GEILI cherishes the contributions of every individual and organization member who can provide his/her local resources to support the development of the alliance.

GEILI works closely with a number of organizational partners to develop a variety of

projects and provide opportunities for our members to gain international exposures in cultural, educational, and professional advancement.

We provide exchange, internship and service opportunities for youth across the globe with a rich content of local cultures. To support the development of our member organizations, we provide training programs, financial supports and global networks for youth leaders who would like to establish non-governmental organizations or Social Enterprises.